Nobody in the right mind would work with these guys

Don't be a Nobody.

Let's get to know one another first. Come on.

wedoo about daryl A1

Daryl Tan

Managing Director

That's Daryl, his good friends giving him a celebratory toss. That's also Daryl when he realises the term "good friends" can be pretty subjective.

A former newsman, Daryl started his own marketing and communications firm, Dodgehound Media, in 2015, and has since managed over 120 marketing and communications projects.

Daryl holds a double majors in Psychology and Business Management from the Singapore Management University.

He oversees Wedoo projects related to marketing and content creation.

wedoo about stefan A

Dr Stefan Beyer

Technology Director

He has outrun wild boars hot in pursuit in the Spanish hills - even with a beer belly!

A former head of research and development at S2 Grupo, Stefan obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and has been involved with distributed systems research for 15 years.

Stefan is an expert in cyber-security and blockchain applications. He manages Wedoo's technology development projects.

wedoo about dennis A

Dennis Tan

Operations Director

Likes cats and guitars. Hates kids and most adults.

Dennis has been an account director in the branding industry for 11 years, managing projects in both the private and public sectors. He has co-founded several successful ventures in the Singapore events-management industry.

Dennis manages Wedoo's overall operations, which makes him the bedrock of the team.

Or, the pain-in-the a** who won't let you rest in peace until everything's done right.

Let's work together, shall we?